I haven’t blogged in forever, buried under so much college work these days!

I was actually up until 5am last week trying to finish an assignment, managed to get 2 and half hours sleep before heading to college to hand it in! Haven’t got the result back for it yet, hopefully next week, so fingers crossed it was worth the effort!!

Got results back on my first biology assignment last week – a distinction & merit – so I did pretty good for my first assignment :)

I’ve got a psychology assignment due in on monday, another biology due in in 3 weeks and critical skills due in 2 weeks.

I am enjoying college, lots of work but it’s really interesting, yet slightly frustrating learning how the health system and the country works. Doing a lot about equality recently, and it’s so infuriating how much inequality is going on and how many people miss out on so many things.

Went to see Deaf Havana with Jared the other weekend, they were pretty awesome :)

Saw my jaw surgeon last week. He thinks it looks better than it did before my surgery in march, but i don’t know if I agree with him. But there’s no point in having surgery on it again – he said they did take off a pretty big chunk of my jaw last time.

Last friday me and Becki had our twi-athon day! I had the dentist in the morning and Becki was late to mine, so we missed the first movie and started straight with #2, but then realised we still hadn’t enough time to see them all before the cinema, so we skipped the 2nd half of #2 and managed to see the rest whilst we ate pizza, curly fries and garlic bread :) Then in the evening we met up with some friends at the cinema to see the new twilight! Me and Becki basically laughed all the way through. It was a fun day/night :)

Still doing my driving lessons – not hit anything or anyone yet so all is well :)

Haven’t got many plans in the works so far I think. It’s Jared’s birthday on monday so we’re going out for tea at some point and I’ve got my Enter Shikari gig in TWO WEEKS so that’s exciting too :) Hoping to get some more time hanging out with friends in my diary at some point too :))

I hope everyone is doing good out there in cyberville.

BedEleven out! XO


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